Unlock Your Potential with Rapid Resolution Therapy!

Resolve negative thoughts, emotions, and behavior with Rapid Resolution Therapy®.

So Different – So Effective

RRT is an effective way to dissolve troubling or negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors!

RRT takes a radically different approach than other forms of therapy. It does not require painful analysis of the past, uses humor, and is quick.

RRT includes the conscious and unconscious mind so that significant, sustainable, and lasting changes can be achieved.

Resolve Negative Emotions

Anger, Resentment, Panic, Fear, Loss, Grief, Heartache, Guilt, Shame, Regret

Clear Negative Thoughts

Negative or limiting beliefs, Negative self or body-image, Mental blocks

Resolve Unwanted Behavior

Substance abuse, Destructive habits, Negative habits, Insomnia, Inhibitions

Clear Trauma and Past Events

PTSD, Childhood-abuse, Trauma, Effects of sexual or domestic violence


What Is Rapid Resolution Therapy?

Dr. Jon Connelly developed Rapid Resolution Therapy® to address the mental health industry’s current issues. RRT is fast and painless. It utilizes innovative concepts, multi-level communication, and specialized tools to resolve troubling or negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

RRT creates a shift at the root level and changes how the unconscious mind processes information so that improvements are natural, automatic, and lasting. RRT is typically completed within one to three 2h-sessions via Zoom.


Certified RRT Specialist

When I came across the work of Dr. Connelly, I almost couldn’t believe his massive impact in such a short time. I intensively trained with Dr. Connelly and became the first Certified RRT Specialist outside USA/Canada. To this date, I’m training with Dr. Connelly to become an even better practitioner.

My mission is to assist you in unlocking your potential and living a happier and more fulfilling life. My intention for our session together is to give you a transformative experience. I look forward to assisting you with all my skills, passion, and energy.


What People Say After Experiencing RRT


Go Ahead and Unlock Your Potential with RRT!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s your background and why did you start with RRT?

Having an entrepreneurial background and running my own company for several years, I’ve taken quite some training in NLP and coaching to unlock the potential of my employees.

Quickly, I was dedicated to assisting people outside my company to grow and unlock their potential, so I decided to pursue a new career in coaching.

While building my practice, in most of my coaching sessions, my coachees brought up topics like disturbing emotions, thoughts, behavior, or heavily traumatic events that I couldn’t clear with the tools and skills I got at that point.

I didn’t see the point in providing my services if I couldn’t get my clients better after meeting with me. I almost desperately searched for modalities that would enable me to get my participants where I wanted them to be – clear!

I came across the work of Dr. Connelly, watched his testimonials and sessions, and almost couldn’t believe his massive impact in such a short time. I intensively started training with Dr. Connelly in January 2021, and I’ve been soaking up his teachings to be more effective with my participants.

I’m happy to assist you with my skills, passion, and energy to clear your stuckness and assist you in unlocking your potential and living a happier and more fulfilling life.


  • Diploma in Economics (equivalent to MSc in Business Administration)


  • Certified Rapid Resolution Therapy Specialist
  • NLP-Trainer
  • ICF Certified Coach
  • Hypno MasterCoach


  • Entrepreneurship
  • Psychology
  • Philosophy
  • Sports
  • Traveling

Other approaches haven’t worked for me. How is RRT different?

Many modalities fail to create a shift because changes are tried to be caused on a conscious (logical) level only. RRT includes all facets of the mind and creates a shift at the root level.

Why going for RRT?

  • Events from your past have a persistent, negative impact on your current mental and physical well-being (persistent stress, tension, and alertness)
  • Recurring negative thoughts and emotions are robbing you of your energy, focus, and possibly even your sleep (fear, anger, guilt, shame, regret)
  • You want to get rid of old, negative beliefs and behaviors that hinder your development and start to unlock your potential
  • You have noticed that self-analysis and self-help do not lead to a lasting solution but only raise more questions

Does RRT work via Zoom?

It does. I’m meeting and seeing all my clients online only.

I want to book an RRT session. What are the next steps?

First, book a free 15min discovery call to clarify questions and determine your goal for your RRT session. The session takes place online via Zoom. After scheduling your meeting, you will receive a calendar invite and an email with the meeting link.

What happens during the discovery call?

We we will discuss your goals and how I can assist you. I will answer any questions you might have.

What happens during an RRT session?

An RRT session is a special experience through which I will guide you. All you have to do is to show up. I will do most of the talking, and you can do nothing wrong on your side. People report an RRT session as a pleasant experience completely different from what they’ve expected or experienced. It’s light, fun, and energizing.

Is there anything I need to prepare for the session?

You don’t need to prepare anything for the session. Just be there, make sure to hear and see me clearly and be in a place where no one will distract you.